5 Reasons why your workplace should have a policy

Many people may think that Health and Safety is the cause of many unneeded rules and regulations. Whilst Health and Safety has a bad reputation in the media, it is in place to ensure the safety and wellbeing of people, whether it’s in an office or on a building site.

A health and safety policy is often associated with jobs that are high risk such as construction or factory work, but a policy is equally needed in low risk environments such as offices.


Here are 5 reasons why your workplace should have a policy in place:

  1. Prevent Unnecessary Leave Due to Illness or Injury: if you have a well thought out policy that covers areas such as seating and equipment, you can provide the right working environment for your employees and thus can reduce the risk of work related injuries or illness. This will have a positive impact on your business and your employees by preventing lost work time taken through sick leave.
  2. Create a Good Company Reputation: By having good procedures and health and safety policies in place you will create a reputation that is professional and also caring. Employees are a vital investment to your business, and if they feel well looked after they will offer more loyalty and feel motivated to do well in their roles.
  3. Save on Legal Costs and Potential Lawsuits: By ensuring your employees are well protected during work and are trained to use their equipment correctly, you will greatly reduce the risk of legal action being brought against you, which in turn saves time, money and great stress.
  4. Help Stabilise and Improve Productivity and Profits: By having efficient systems in place your employees can go about their duties with more confidence, and when a job can be done safely and efficiently you can find ways to increase productivity/output without endangering employees.
  5. Offer your Employees more Responsibility: by making one employee or several responsible for health and safety in the workplace, you can help to offer them a greater job satisfaction whilst helping your other employees to remain focused on their own work and projects.

There are many positive reasons why you should have a health and safety policy in your business, and if you don’t have an up to date policy that is tailored to your business type, you could face hefty legal charges and even criminal convictions by not having the correct procedures in place. More so it is a legal requirement to have a health and safety policy, but not everyone is knowledgeable or might have the time to research and put together a competent policy.

Outsourcing to third party such as Prince’s Consultancy Services Ltd is a great option, you can let the experts do what they do best and you can focus on the other important aspects of your business. Here at Prince’s Consultancy we can visit you at your premises and do all the work for you, or just be a phone call away to guide you through the whole process. Contact us at info@princesconsultancy.com or visit our website at www.princesconsultancy.com


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