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Prince’s Consultancy Services Ltd was established in 2003 by its founder Rebekah Prince; since this time the company has consistently grown from strength to strength with high numbers of clients that continue to rely on our services. With our expertise, businesses can focus on their customers and the day to day needs of the organisation. We are proud of our success; failure is not included in our vocabulary.

We achieve quality standard audit scores of 93% to 100% compliance and consistent improvements on health and safety and environmental audit scores.

Complementing your business, our aim is to build a long term partnership. We specialise in removing the burden of maintaining and implementing quality management systems and health and safety to a number of core industries.

We also offer cost effective training solutions in a variety of areas including first aid; to develop the skill sets of your employees and to meet legislation. You can always rely on our services to meet the needs of your organisation.

Our consultants are professional and dedicated; our goal is to achieve success through a realistic and cost effective manner.

With our input and expertise, your organisation can be more productive and a safer workplace for everyone. By implementing robust systems and procedures into your business it can reduce risks, enhance business, boost employee’s morale and therefore encourage success in every aspect of your business. Prince’s only provides a service of a proven level of the highest quality and standard.

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Why use a consultant to do your work

by Donald Trumps right hand man George Ross

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