Let us do the hard work for you and get you the successful VQM PASS you need!

Our consultants have been involved with VQM since its inception and have proven successful results for over a decade.

We do what it takes to get you a successful pass!

We provide practical, friendly hands on assistance to enable retailers to meet the rigorous quality assurance demands by the manufacturer.

Our competitively priced services have been exceptionally well received by the dealer network; due to the outstanding results consistently achieved in minimal time periods.

We differ to other consultants in that we do the work for you - not tell you what you haven’t done!

By using Prince’s, retailers remove the associated burdens with achieving standards from their productive managers and are able to take pride in the results achieved. Failure is not an option and we will do all we can to achieve a successful pass. Contact us

Whether you require a gentle implementation or fire fighting assistance we support your needs both directly and indirectly.

Whether you require a gentle implementation or fire fighting assistance we support your needs both directly and indirectly.

Our consultants train your staff, streamline and execute robust processes in their simplest forms for ease of implementation. We attend site in preparation for the VQM audit so you and your staff are confident and prepared for all eventualities.

Where possible we create a shared VQM electronic file on your computer network enabling all key staff to access the documents, preventing duplications and any confusion.

If required, we will also support you by attending the VQM audit on your behalf; enabling your management team to administer to the day to day needs of the business whilst we liaise with the auditor.

What is VQM?

VQM is a mandatory quality brand standard imposed by Volkswagen in order for retailers to remain an approved Volkswagen franchise.

Currently a 29 page document full of mandatory standards from smaller details such as organisation charts, desktop logins, signage, demo logs and stationary requirements to staff training, service online, parts separation, parts location and shelf life. Also including; core areas such as business improvement plans (BIP’s), CSS customer feedback portal, Hot Alerts (customer complaints), MSQP (quality checks), mandatory tools and equipment, battery care, calibration, site maintenance and cleanliness and preservation of parts.

In August 2017, Volkswagen made further additions and amendments to the audit criteria; namely MSQP, care programme for new car stock and stringent requirements on staff training. The brand believes these changes will have a positive impact on their ambition to be leaders in customer satisfaction. As a result, the audit has become much more onerous on Volkswagen retailers and the failure rate has increased; costing the network thousands of pounds.

Some retailers have chosen to opt in for bi-annual audits; this is causing a false attitude that audit requirements do not need to be adhered to and can be ‘dropped’ until 2017/2018. This is not the case and retailers will be obligated to produce two years of evidence. Prince’s are currently working with retailers selected to go on bi annual audits on a quarterly basis to maintain standards.

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