The Importance of Giving Back in Business

Having a thriving business takes hard work, dedication and is often years in the making. Although being successful is the focal point of every profession, it is also important to give back to those in need and use success to help others.

Giving back can encourage companies and their employees to experience a feeling of gratitude. Partaking in charity work for example means hearing some of the most utterly heart-breaking real-life stories. The hardships of people’s lives strike an emotional chord and leaves a feeling of gratefulness for what one has, putting the world into perspective. It can leave employees feeling thankful that they have the ability to help, boosting moral as they see their actions benefit those in need.

Rebekah helped to paint the end of life room in India

Although it may be seen as something that only benefits those receiving the help, giving back has multiple benefits to those doing it too. Using funds to sponsor a local event advertises the company potentially leading to more work. Through giving back and helping others, a business can actually reap benefits while feeling good doing it. Building a brand can be difficult, but there is no better way to get your company noticed than at an event.

It does not always have to be financial when giving back, providing opportunities is an excellent alternative. Often some of the most hardworking employees are those who long for the opportunity and have a real passion and desire to achieve. Employing someone who desperately wants an opportunity can benefit a business long term as they are potentially gaining a hard-working and diligent employee. As Director of Prince’s; Rebekah says: ‘if you haven’t financially got the means to give back then giving up your time and just providing a smile can make a massive difference.’ Sometimes just by giving someone the time to help improve can set them in the right direction.

Providing help to those in need doesn’t have to be a long and complex task, it can be as simple as using a smaller, local supplier for your company’s needs. Doing so puts money back into the community and promotes a good relationship with local people, potentially resulting in future clients by spreading word of mouth.

Rebekah is a firm believer in helping others. Prince’s work tirelessly throughout the year to provide support to those in need and are always looking for ways to aid others.

Rebekah commented: ‘there is an abundance of wealth for everybody and I believe in giving back and promoting good in the world and educating others by your own actions. Helping others is very rewarding and if you can give back then I think you should; and that can be in many ways. Particularly in times such as now when everyone is tightening their belts, it is important not to forget the smaller charities. A favourite of mine is “Make then Smile, they work so hard throughout the year to help the children’’.

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Giving back is important in business but it does not have to be a daunting expectation. You can give back financially, but if you are unable to do so then why not give back through opportunities or your time, or donating unwanted gifts? Making an effort to assist people in need is the perfect way to give back, however you do it.

Volunteering Annually at Basket Brigade Yes Group

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How a Positive Mindset Helps you Succeed in Business

Building a successful business is based around many factors; a business can be thriving financially, while its employees may be struggling to stay motivated due to the current Coronavirus situation. So how do you build a successful and happy workplace?

Prince’s Director, Rebekah Prince, uses her positive mindset to lead the business from the top; always assuming the best outcomes and encouraging her employees. Successful business leaders strive towards goals. Encouraging employees to expect the positives in their daily business and personal practices is an excellent way to achieve consistent positive results.

Helping employees focus on their successes and what they have personally achieved is a fantastic way to show the benefits of positivity as it can encourage employees to achieve even better results next time.

Rebekah can always be heard stating: ‘we can be good, but why be good when we can be great?’. She will continuously ask the team how they can improve on the task next time, and makes them own the objective to be better, to be faster, to be stronger and more accurate. Rebekah commented: ‘it is incredibly rewarding to watch the team grow and develop into areas they originally thought were impossible. I sometimes hear on a daily basis ‘it can’t be done’ and I love watching people’s faces when they see that nothing is impossible’.

Without a positive mindset in business, complacency and disappointment can occur and lead to resentment and lack of sales and profits. Sadly this attitude can spread through the business like wildfire and destroy morale and customer service. By affirming and visualising the best possible outcomes will always occur; employees and the business are driving towards achieving a positive result – which then becomes their truth.

The Prince’s team work positively consistently, striving for excellence, as their results show with 100% pass rate in all their audits. This in turn creates an addictive culture that failure is not an option and the goal can always be achieved. Prince’s clients enjoy the contagious morale boost and positivity the team brings into the business, always with a friendly smile and gratitude.

Building a positive mindset is a rewarding experience that brings multiple benefits to a business and its employees. Through the act of positive thinking, both the working environment and the wellbeing of employees can vastly improve.

A business can encourage their employees to develop their mindset in many ways, such as attending empowering events and partaking in informative and upbeat webinars. Being exposed to mind power classes and techniques it can leave employees feeling refreshed, motivated and powerful. In addition to attending webinars from all over the world to keep themselves inspired during lockdown; Rebekah has begun learning Spanish and Natalia is learning about nutrition!

Influencing employees during this challenging time of pandemic uncertainty can be difficult. Rebekah educates by her own actions and has been sharing self-development and inspirational books and podcasts with her employees; e.g. on goal setting, building wealth, improving self-confidence and health. Discussing how they can use this valuable information both in their day to day lives and in the business.

Rebekah commented: ‘for those of us in good health, this is an opportunity to shine, to develop and to grow. As Tony Robbins explains, ‘if you are not growing you are dying”. Therefore, I inspire employees to grow as much as possible; it is incredibly rewarding to watch them flourish’.

By appreciating the positives and always being in a state of gratitude, employees can gain a mindset that inspires both themselves and the business to be the best. Rebekah strongly believes in giving back and sharing the love, time, kindness and financial abundance we all have access to, which can further encourage a positive mindset.

Active charity work is another excellent way to boost employee mindset and rapport while helping others. Check out local charities that desperately need support in your community. It is not only rewarding on a personal level but can also help business morale while giving back to the community, helping those that need it most.

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Prince’s Consultancy gets Global Attention

rebekah princeRebekah Prince is the founder of Prince’s Consultancy Services Ltd, a Chelmsford based company where her clients come first and her results have received global attention.
Prince has over 14 successful years in business and that doesn’t happen if a business isn’t consistently performing for their clients.
“Failure is never an option” Rebekah Prince
Often the success or failure of a business can be determined by looking at the owner and how they feel about their clients. Rebekah Prince has an attitude of never failing, and always finding the best solution for her clients.
“There is always a way to succeed” Rebekah stated. Without that forethought, and attitude Prince’s business wouldn’t be where it is today. She is always looking to innovate, and provide forward thinking solutions of what her clients will need before they are even asking her for them.
Being a very passionate and driven business owner has her always looking for a better, faster, and more efficient way to deliver value for her clients. That drive is what has taken her from a local to global business. She isn’t just known in the UK for her outstanding client’s success’s, Prince is known globally by business owners.
That recognition is what landed her at one of the biggest business events in the world, with not only leading business owners and entrepreneurs from 71 different countries, but some of the biggest celebrities like Mark Wahlberg, Mel Gibson, Gene Simmons, Brett Michaels, John Travolta, Christie Brinkley, and Charlee Sheen among others. If Prince wasn’t at the absolute top of her game, she would not have received an invitation to attend such an event.

Prince is always finding inspiration from outside sources and industries, paired with her desire to build top level solutions for her clients, this has led to a new innovation for the clients she works with in the automotive industry.

The development of this new audit program has her clients saving anywherefrom £1500 to £10,000.
The consultants at Prince’s are highly professional and efficient to ensure a quick and highly successful audit, every time.

The team at Prince’s pride themselves on their ability to consistently deliver the highest grade of audit results for their clients. Prince’s knows if they focus on delivering success for their clients, that those businesses can ultimately focus on what they do best and let Prince’s handle the rest.
Prince’s performs in a multitude of areas for their clients led by Prince herself. It is her leadership which has enabled the company to gain the global recognition they have. Find out more about Prince’s services and organizations they already work with by visiting

Weʼre raising £2,000 to help fund a valuable trip to Slovakia for cutting edge therapies for Cassie Jeffers

cas  cas2


Cassie, age 12, has a rare brain condition; PCH type 2 which controls all the motor in the brain respiratory system. In most cases, the disease is fatal early in life.

Most functions we take for granted; Cassie is unable to do (sitting, walking, talking). It is through her parents incessant tenacity and unconditional love that has enabled her to be one of the oldest living children in the UK with this condition.

Cassie receives treatment at the Adeli Center in Slovakia. This helps keep her muscles supple; develops her mobility skills and supports her with her cognitive abilities and confidence.

No child has ever sat, walked or spoken with this condition. However, on her most recent trip, Cassie was able to walk two steps and sit up unaided for the first time. Proving just how valuable this treatment is.

To remain effective, Cassie needs to have this treatment regularly as her muscles grow and become stronger.

This treatment is life changing for Cassie but is not funded by the NHS, each trip costs between £3000-£6000.

Cassie is a beautiful, happy, brave, amazing little girl with truly inspirational parents.

I am raising funds to pay for Cassie to get another trip to this amazing centre and to build her confidence and hopefully improve her quality of life.

Please every penny counts, I ask you to give up one thing ad donate that money instead:

Have one less Costa, one less chocolate bar, one less dress/pair of shoes, one less meal out, one less footy match, or better still one less holiday 🙂

Your small change can help make a big difference – every penny really does count.

We can do no great things, only small things with great love.’ Mother Teresa

Thank you in advance and sending you love for taking the time to read this (whether you can donate or not, please share to spread awareness).