COVID-19 Risk Assessment

As workplaces re-open after the lockdown, employers are required to carry out a risk assessment which confirms they have done as much as it is reasonably practicable to ensure their organisation is “COVID-19 SECURE”.

The HSE and government have produced detailed guidance documents for organisations allowed to open. Each industry area has its own guidance, providing advice on areas required to be considered when completing COVID-19 risk assessments.

You can access these guidelines here: When carrying out risk assessments it is imperative to gather input from a variety of persons in your organisation. It is also essential to evaluate all possible hazards and who could be harmed. Once this information has been evaluated; the risks should be assessed and then preventative action taken and documented.

Let us remove the stress for you. Prince’s have highly experienced and independent consultants that can assist you to complete your risk assessment in minimal timescales.

Risk assessments can be daunting. Our friendly consultants have experience across many industries e.g. construction, beauty and motor trade and can work with you in the undertaking of the COVID-19 risk assessment. Giving you clear control measures required and peace of mind.

Your risk assessment can provide your employees and customers with confidence that all safety measures have been considered and that their safety is paramount.

The assessment can also be issued to insurers to demonstrate a COVID-19 SECURE plan has been implemented to a high standard.

If you would like to discuss how Prince’s can help you with your COVID-19 risk assessment, contact us using the link below.