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Danni Levy, Fitness Guru, Author and TV Presenter

Rebekah has a wonderful healing presence and puts people at ease immediately upon meeting them. She is extremely motivating and inspirational and you cannot help but feel uplifted and inspired when talking to her. Her passion and professionalism is second to none and her positive outlook and confidence is contagious. I would recommend anyone to use Rebekah’s services she literally does transform peoples lives.

Bruce Buffer; President Buffer Enterprises, Inc. International Sports & Entertainment Announcer

Rebekah Prince is a tenacious yet caring individual who strives for and & achieves outstanding results both personally and for her clients. She is sharp and leads by example. Rebekah continuously coaches and encourages others creating a friendly working environment that brings out the best in people. She has the ability to succeed in any challenge she accepts, therefore she has my recommendation.

Keith Dowle: Brand Manager at JCB Volkswagen

I had the pleasure of working with Rebekah for a number of years within the VQM Brand Standard audit process at a busy Volkswagen Retailer. Throughout this period her work was of the highest standard in a very challenging environment, her understanding of the audit process and what is required is exemplary I always had the highest confidence in her that we would pass with minimal fuss. Rebekah’s attention to detail is paramount to her work ethic leaving no stone unturned to ensure a first time pass. She’s a friendly, bubbly, likeable person who always has a smile no matter how tuff the going gets and remains professional at all times.

Jim Hobson; General Manager/Head of Business

I have worked with Rebekah on numerous occasions in various Volkswagen dealerships. Working to improve business process and performance. Rebekah is very professional and knowledgeable. A pleasure to work with. I have no hesitation recommending her to any motor business looking to improve the areas mentioned.

Ian Giles; Technical and Commercial Development Manager

I worked with Rebekah recently and I found her to be extremely professional, knowledgeable. Her ability to deliver on many levels makes her a very inspirational person. Rebekah is a person with many different qualities, she is very good at delivering on objectives set with in tight time frames and her knowledge of many different brand requirements is second to none.. A pleasure to work with.

Tony Wallis; Area Manager John Gibson Associates Automotive Recruitment Specialist

I used Rebekah for the simple reason that her knowledge and expertise made going through a brand VQM Audit easy especially with her in attendance on the day to oversee the process and interact with the Auditor. All the things that I personally never had time for where taken care of and to be honest we would never have passed an Audit without her services. I would strongly recommend using Rebekah for all your VQM/HSO/ISO needs.

Jason Maclaine; Managing Director at Taylor Maclaine Ltd

Rebekah is a breath of fresh air; not only does she achieve superb results in minimum timescales she blends in with my team as if she worked with us for years. Her professionalism and knowledge is second to none and I would have no hesitation in recommending her and her team.

Barry Hemmings; Aftersales Manager at Horsham Volkswagen

Rebekah Prince is very knowledgeable, professional and extremely helpful when it comes to implementation and monitoring of VQM processes.

Christian Cormier, Sales Manager at Crawley Audi

Prince's is a one stop shop for ensuring your business meets all applicable regulations. It is a personalised, assisted and tailored service provided by a reliable and professional individual. My company is a very large automotive retail group and we wouldn't be without the services provided.

Angela Chouaib; MD & Founder of Secret Surgery Ltd

Rebekah is a motivated H&S Professional and I have always found her a pleasure to work with. Rebekah is strong on integrity and maintaining a high level of customer service and consistently offers very pragmatic advice and guidance...

David Direito, Account Manager, Cisco

I have used Rebekah for a number of projects and she is a real joy to work with, not only is she a natural leader respected by her colleagues but also very tenacious, good value, ambitious and someone that always delivers.

Greg Mawdsley; IT Infrastructure Team Leader at Bank Hapoalim

Rebekah Prince has proved that she can deliver a professional service regarding health, safety and quality needs. She is hands on and strives for success, making her a first choice candidate in her area of expertise. I would recommend her if you are serious about passing you audits with flying colours.

Patrick C Conway; Regional Director at Caffyns Plc

Rebekah is very professional and extremely good at keeping you and your team on course to ensure all background Audit work is completed in a timely and professional manner. I would have no hesitation in recommending her.

Duncan Bennett; Uckfield FM

At last, an alternative to those dreadfully ill-fitting off the peg policy's that we've had to put up with! You are a true life saver Ms Prince, and no mistake!

Martin Butcher; GM Training Manager (Sales and After sales)

I have always found Rebekah’s, knowledge and support to be 1st class, she is able to coach and communicate at all levels, achieves buy in by putting things across in a straightforward and unambiguous way, and have recommended her company to others on several occasions.

David Lee; Yoga Instructor, personal trainer and Wellness

I have known Rebekah for a few years both professionally and personally I have always found her to be totally focused of the her work and will always go the extra mile to ensure client satisfaction, I would have no problem with recommending Rebekah.

Stuart Widdows Brand Manager at Morden Volkswagen

Rebekah has been an absolute asset to Morden Volkswagen. She is a grafter that gets fantastic results. I have no hesitation in recommending her and her team.

Natalie Excell; Service Manager at Caffyns Vauxhall

Rebekah is an absolute gem! She comes in and instantly engages so positivity with all my staff... Beki brings her amazing skills and had helped me out of many 'head in hand' situations to prepare for my audit. If you want something done Prince's Consultancy will not let you down!... Priceless xxx

Scott Fogharty; General Manager Mack Mazda and Mitsubishi

Excellent professional service from initial introduction, to advice, to implementation, to results, to follow up! Would definitely recommend Prince Consultancy Services

Richard Wheeler; General Manager Mercedes-Benz of Peterborough

Rebekah is a true professional that helps guides Managers and sites through HSO to pass with success. I would have no hesitation in recommending her to your business.

Zeca Bridges, Master Technician at East Kent Audi

Rebekah's professional services are the best for your business, if you are looking to achieve your goals, for your business then look no further...

Jim Wood; Aftersales Manager at Tunbridge Wells Audi

Rebekah is very professional in every area and her attention to detail never unmissed. Engages with all staff at a high level and nothing is ever too much trouble. Highly recommend

Neil Singleton

Rebekah is extremely professional, knowledgeable and a joy to work with. When you want results with minimum stress. I would without doubt recommend Prince's consultancy services ltd.

Karen Suter; Customer Care Manager Audi Tunbridge Wells

Rebekah is just fab! Excellent communication and organisation skills. Will coach, assist and organise you to your goals. Great to have around for audits. Amazing personality and great to work with. Totally recommend!

Raymond Belcher; Warranty Controller at Inchcape Romford Volkswagen

In all my dealings with Rebekah she has been outstanding and professional at all times and would recommend Prince Consultancies to any company facing any type of audits.

Robin Knight, Aftersales Manager at Inchcape Crawley Audi

Princes consultancy is as professional business as you could hope to find. Whether it be pre-audit preparation or monthly operational compliance Rebekah offers expert help and advice on health and safety, brand standards and audit compliance. Worth her weight in gold she is a must for every business.

Colin Green, Aftersales Manager at Twickenham Volkswagen:

My team and I have worked with Rebekah for many years now. She is a welcome part of the family at Twickenham Volkswagen. I always learn something from Rebekah and manage to get so much work done in her visits; saving me and my team hours of work. She is a walking font of knowledge. I would recommend Rebekah to anyone that's wants speedy help implementing audit requirements / tasks fast and efficiently.

William Emmerson: Director at Multibeton Ltd:

Princes Consultancy Services have impressed us with their efficient, helpful and professional manner and would highly recommend their services.

Mark Crook; Brand Manager for Inchcape VW West London

Rebekah is a highly effective business consultant who is relentless in her pursuit of excellence for her clients. I would highly recommend Rebekah for any type of business.

Alan Banks; Suspension Manager at Ford Motor Company

I first met Rebekah when she was a quality and ISO engineer at Ford Motor Company. Since then she has gone onto setting up her own company with great success. Rebekah was always straightforward and easy to work with and has always striven to do her utmost to ensure customer satisfaction. I hope that our career paths will cross again in the near future

Scott Nolan; Freelance Camera Operator / Media Production Professional

Rebekah is a modern driving force, with expertise & knowledge in a range of areas. Her support & excellent customer service is one of the few reasons she has gone from strength to strength. Her understanding & focus, comes from her positive attitude, to rise above any challenge & to deliver her very best. She is a real inspiration, a good listener & why I would like to recommend her.

Howard Talbot; Sales at London Stock Exchange Group

Rebekah is an experienced professional, who always delivers on her projects and exceeds expectations. She's diligent and committed to all those that she works with or for and builds great working relationships. I would always recommend Rebekah.

Malcolm Charnock; Specialist in IT Asset Disposal, Data Destruction, Secure Data Erasure and Recycling of Mobile Phones and Tablets

I always recommend Rebekah, not merely for her expertise and knowledge of H&S but she makes the process understandable and workable for the industry her client operates in. Very thorough and professional and enjoyable to work with.

Peter Liddle; Business Manger at Twickenham Volkswagen

Been working with this company for a few years now, never lets us down. Very highly recommended.

Ken Makepeace; Quality Manager at Fire Protection Ltd

I can't recommend Prince's Consultancy Services highly enough. I've worked with them for a number of years now and always found the service very professional and trustworthy.

Samantha Mawdsley; Director at Blackwater Wealth Management Ltd

I have referred Rebekah many times to my long standing clients and have had lots of thank you's as a result. Comments have included how much money she has saved them by getting objectives achieved the first time and how quickly she has managed to make them money. She has reported outstanding results by working closely with the local teams at audit time and throughout the year.

Chris Childs; Head of Business, Tonbridge Audi

Rebekah is an Audit Angel! You will get 100% commitment at all times and she will professionally deliver you success. She has provided a consultancy service to me in two Audi Centres and specialised in preparing for Manufacturer audits which are highly detailed and require careful planning and preparation. Rebekah works with the Management team throughout the year and facilitates timely and detailed quarterly quality meetings. Rebekah provides high attention to detail and works well with the team. I would have no doubt in recommending Prince’s Consultancy for any aspects of compliance in specific audit processes or Health and Safety management. Stephen Hughes; Environmental Health Safety and Security Officer at Inchcape Having worked alongside the Princes Consultancy for the last five years I can honestly say that they have always been professional and will complete the task at hand.

Stephen Hughes; Environmental Health Safety and Security Officer at Inchcape

Having worked alongside the Princes Consultancy for the last five years I can honestly say that they have always been professional and will complete the task at hand.

Richard Vandenberg; Brand Manager at Motorline Volkswagen

Having worked with Rebecca for many years I have always had professional top class service. Highly recommend.

Gary Church; Operations Director at Motorline

I have used prince's since it's inception and have always benefited from the most professional and reliable service. Highly recommended.

Mark Humphreys; Director/Owner at Motorcare Bodyshop

Rebekah has worked with me now for many years and has continued to achieve great successes for Motorcare Bodyshop; as a result we have managed to excel at our quality management systems and manufacturer accreditation's. Recently we passed PAS allowing us to repair Lexus as well as the Mercedes, Nissan, JLR, BMW & VAG audits. I trust Prince's with all my quality systems, health & safety, environment and HR. They have never let me down and continue to always go the extra mile. I would recommend Rebekah and her team to anyone she has been a worthy investment!

Matthew Simmons, Manders BCL Ltd

Rebekah is brilliant no matter what we ask of her she excels and always exceeds our expectations. We have used Rebekah to achieve our ISO 9001, 14001 and 18001 accreditations plus our health and safety Achilles programme. She is always professional and reliable and I would have no hesitation in recommending Rebekah and her company.

Alex O’Donnell, Brand Manager at Lancaster Volkswagen

Princes have assisted me at a number of Volkswagen sites and their help has been invaluable. Rebekah always goes above and beyond and is passionate about what she does. She has managed to implement robust user friendly systems that have staying power and are effective and cost saving. I continue to recommend Princes and include them in my business an invaluable part of my team.

Tony Craske; Aftersales Manager at Saxton 4x4

Rebekah has helped me in various businesses over the last few years and I have found her services to be very effective. We have called on her assistance for many brand standard and H & S audits and through her expert understanding, with her help I have never failed one yet. She has the unique ability to get things organised very quickly leaving her customers with a better understanding and in a better position to approach an audit with confidence. Great service with lots of good advice and I would recommend her services whole heartedly.

Anthony Broome: Land Development, Construction & Manufacturing Director

I used the Rebekah’s consultancy services to help with the successful implementation of our ISO 9001 accreditation and would highly recommend her. We were frankly and unexpectedly lacking in the required experience and ability, so finding the Prince Consultancy was a huge relief. She came in and quickly grasped the situation, gave an accurate assessment together with a suggested strategy. She then delivered that exact strategy! Fantastic and thank you Rebekah!

Kirit Parmar; Director at East Kent Automotive Ltd

Audit passes guaranteed and a great asset ensuring your management team are focused on their jobs with the support from Prince’s. Rebekah's the person you want on board when you need attention on detail especially when you are dealing with H & S and Brand Standard Audits. She works closely with all the team members and is a great coach to all. She regular follows up after her visits to ensure all is well and if additional support is required. Highly recommend Rebekah as she is very knowledgeable with all the subjects that we all find difficult to find time for.

Mark Foulston: Volkswagen Franchise Manager at Martins

Prince’s Consultancy Services have given us a cost effective way of managing our Health & Safety and franchise standards audits, allowing us to focus on key actions to protect our staff and giving us time drive other areas within the business. Thank you Rebekah.

Jase Sirois - Mass Properties Engineer at Bombardier Aerospace

Rebekah is very perseverant and extremely hard working. She is gifted at getting to the crux of a problem fast. She always aims to do what’s best for her clients. She’s very smart and effective!

David Leigh - Business Development Manager EMEA & Asia Pacific / ISO & Quality Manager at GT Exhibitions‬

Rebekah was professional, knowledgeable and dedicated in helping GT Exhibitions reach ISO9001. ‬

‪I would certainly recommend Prince Consultancies for any Quality and H&S support‬

‪Andy Poole - Head of Business at Jardine Motors Group‬

i have worked with Rebekah a number of times, she was initially recommended to my by a colleague, the recommendation was well founded.

I contracted Rebekah to work with management team to provide support and guidance to ensure that the manufacturer quality standards were fully embedded in the business.

She provided the managers with tools to keep VQM/HSO/ISO on track and to ensure that come audit time the business and management team were fully prepared to 'enjoy' the audit day and receive a pass. I would have no hesitation to use or recommend Rebekah.

‪Dean Ashworth - ‪General Sales Manager Porsche‬

I worked with Rebekah recently and I found her to be extremely professional, knowledgeable and amongst all things a very inspirational person. Rebekah is one of those people with many different qualities, she is very good at identifying opportunities were any business can develop and grow.

A pleasure to work with.

Rodney Glew; Principal Partner at RGS Associates

Princes are a professional consultancy that provide a tailored yet competitively priced service. With their fresh eyes approach and wealth of knowledge they are a valuable asset to any business.

Niall O’Brien, Service Manager at Nissan

Rebekah’s no-nonsense professional approach to H.S.O has made her an invaluable asset to our London Volkswagen Operations for many years now…