Brand Standards

Brand Standards comprise a series of compulsory quality requirements that retailers must meet to maintain their status as an approved franchise.

These standards encompass a broad spectrum of requisites, including up-to-date organisational charts, employee logins, brand signage, demonstration logs, and stationery requirements. 

They also cover essential operational aspects like staff training, software updates, and service online.

Furthermore, the standards address parts separation, location and shelf life, customer feedback, mystery shopping, meetings, policies, customer complaints, MSQP (quality checks), tools Infoweb, mandatory tools and equipment, battery car care programmes, calibration, site maintenance, cleanliness, preservation of parts, and accurate completion of all relevant documentation such as job cards and deal files.

Prince’s Consultancy Services Ltd is actively assisting numerous retailers on a monthly and quarterly basis to uphold these standards and prevent audit bottlenecks.

Our consultants offer practical, friendly, and hands-on support to ensure retailers can meet the manufacturer’s brand quality assurance requirements.

Our services are competitively priced and have been exceptionally well received across the retailer network, thanks to the outstanding results consistently achieved in minimal timeframes.

Just Received Your Brand Standards Audit Date?

If any of these concerns resonate with you, we're here to help:

Don’t worry, assistance is just a call away. At Prince’s, we specialise in navigating these challenges, ensuring you’re prepared and confident for your audit.

How we help

Our consultants train your staff and streamline processes, ensuring they are simple and straightforward for easy implementation.

This approach helps integrate the brand standards seamlessly into your company’s culture.

  • We visit your site in preparation for the Brand Standards audit, ensuring that you and your staff are confident and well-prepared for any situation.

  • Where feasible, we create a shared Brand Standards electronic file on your computer network. This allows all key personnel to access the documents easily, thereby preventing duplication and confusion.

  • If necessary, we also provide support on the day of the Brand Standards audit, including remote audits. This enables your management team to focus on the day-to-day operations of the business, ensuring smooth continuity.

At Prince's Consultancy Ltd, we do things differently

We treat your business as if it were our own. By working closely with you, we guarantee a collaborative approach that leads to a successful audit outcome every time.

Our commitment is to provide not just solutions, but also lasting partnerships built on trust and mutual respect.

Success is our only option

We have a proven success record of improving scores year on year and recently have achieved 100% scores in all areas for our clients


We care about making a difference for our customers, and always go the extra mile to ensure success!

Why do people fail their audits?

Did You Know Most People Fail Their Audit Due to Common Oversights?


We care about making a difference for our customers, and always go the extra mile to ensure success!