Worksafe Accreditation

Prince’s prioritises quality and successful audits to help businesses achieve and maintain their Smas Worksafe accreditation. Our tailored Health and Safety services are designed to ensure legal compliance and alleviate the burden on on-site responsible persons across various industries. 

With our expertise and dedication to excellence, we guide organisations through the accreditation process, providing thorough assessments and effective strategies to meet Smas standards and enhance workplace safety.

Smas Worksafe, short for Safety Management Advisory Services, is a prestigious national accreditation in Health & Safety. It serves as a hallmark of excellence, showcasing your business’s commitment to maintaining high standards of Health & Safety.


  • Demonstrating Competence

    Attaining Smas Worksafe accreditation provides tangible evidence of your organisation's competence in Health & Safety practices. This recognition instils confidence in main contractors, assuring them of your ability to uphold rigorous safety standards across all operations.

  • Enhancing Reputation

    With Smas Worksafe accreditation, your business gains a competitive edge by enhancing its reputation as a safety-conscious entity. It signals to clients, stakeholders, and industry peers that you prioritise the well-being of your workforce and adhere to best practices in Health & Safety management.

  • Driving Business Growth

    By achieving Smas Worksafe accreditation, your business opens doors to new opportunities and contracts. Main contractors often prefer working with accredited organisations, making it easier for you to secure projects and expand your business portfolio. Smas Worksafe accreditation serves as a badge of honour, underscoring your business's dedication to maintaining robust Health & Safety standards. It not only boosts confidence among main contractors but also elevates your reputation within the industry, driving sustainable growth and success.

SMAS Worksafe accreditation

is utilised by a wide range of organisations across various industries, primarily in the construction, manufacturing, engineering, and related sectors. Here are some examples of who uses SMAS:

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We treat your business as if it were our own. By working closely with you, we guarantee a collaborative approach that leads to a successful audit outcome every time.

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We care about making a difference for our customers, and always go the extra mile to ensure success!


We care about making a difference for our customers, and always go the extra mile to ensure success!


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