Health and Safety

Meeting Your Responsibilites

The Health and Safety at Work Act (1974) states that, as an employer, you must ensure effective health and safety measures are in place so your employees and visitors to your premises are not put at risk. In other words, you are responsible!

Many organisations see this as an onerous task; however the right approach to health and safety can create a much more productive environment for you and your employees.

Effective health and safety management not only upholds the law, but helps you avoid compensation claims, reduces your insurance premiums and enhances your organisation's reputation.

What Will You Get

Health and Safety Policy: A health and safety policy tailored to your workplace, plus reference material and recommendations e.g. for any signage needed.

Risk Assessment: A trained eye can spot danger where you may not - a traffic light system for your risk assessments identifies safety risks and allows you to implement control measures.

Audits: Regular professional reviews of the efficiency and effectiveness of your health and safety systems help you to make improvements and comply with the current law. All assessments are bespoke and not generically produced.

Training: This ensures that every employee is shown how to work safely. We provide bespoke training sessions that include all the resources and reference material you need with practical sessions where needed.

Policies and Procedures: We provide bespoke policies and procedures covering all necessary areas within your organisation in user friendly formats. We also provide guidance on the introduction of health and safety committee meetings and policies and procedures.

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