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Having a thriving business takes hard work, dedication and is often years in the making. Although being successful is the focal point of every profession, it is also important to give back to those in need and use success to help others.

Giving back can encourage companies and their employees to experience a feeling of gratitude. Partaking in charity work for example means hearing some of the most utterly heart-breaking real-life stories. The hardships of people’s lives strike an emotional chord and leaves a feeling of gratefulness for what one has, putting the world into perspective. It can leave employees feeling thankful that they have the ability to help, boosting moral as they see their actions benefit those in need.

Princes Consultancy Services Ltd | Audit & Quality Assurance Specialists
Rebekah helped to paint the end of life room in India

Although it may be seen as something that only benefits those receiving the help, giving back has multiple benefits to those doing it too. Using funds to sponsor a local event advertises the company potentially leading to more work. Through giving back and helping others, a business can actually reap benefits while feeling good doing it. Building a brand can be difficult, but there is no better way to get your company noticed than at an event.

It does not always have to be financial when giving back, providing opportunities is an excellent alternative. Often some of the most hardworking employees are those who long for the opportunity and have a real passion and desire to achieve. Employing someone who desperately wants an opportunity can benefit a business long term as they are potentially gaining a hard-working and diligent employee. As Director of Prince’s; Rebekah says: ‘if you haven’t financially got the means to give back then giving up your time and just providing a smile can make a massive difference.’ Sometimes just by giving someone the time to help improve can set them in the right direction.

Providing help to those in need doesn’t have to be a long and complex task, it can be as simple as using a smaller, local supplier for your company’s needs. Doing so puts money back into the community and promotes a good relationship with local people, potentially resulting in future clients by spreading word of mouth.

Rebekah is a firm believer in helping others. Prince’s work tirelessly throughout the year to provide support to those in need and are always looking for ways to aid others.

Rebekah commented: ‘there is an abundance of wealth for everybody and I believe in giving back and promoting good in the world and educating others by your own actions. Helping others is very rewarding and if you can give back then I think you should; and that can be in many ways. Particularly in times such as now when everyone is tightening their belts, it is important not to forget the smaller charities. A favourite of mine is “Make then Smile, they work so hard throughout the year to help the children’’.

If you would like to support Make then Smile please click the link:

Giving back is important in business but it does not have to be a daunting expectation. You can give back financially, but if you are unable to do so then why not give back through opportunities or your time, or donating unwanted gifts? Making an effort to assist people in need is the perfect way to give back, however you do it.


Princes Consultancy Services Ltd | Audit & Quality Assurance Specialists
Volunteering Annually at Basket Brigade Yes Group

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